Exceptional product and brand

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Product Development / Start ups / Ways of doing business


Business models, pricing and distribution are typically replicable and fleeting, while product and brand are more enduring and defensible. Built an exceptional product and brand.

Exceptional products include seamless design, delightful user experience and simplicity, but also importantly value and uniqueness.  It is both form and function.  Build something beautiful and of immense, unique value.

Exceptional brands include the power of narrative, the softness of stunning visual identity, naming and positioning, and the richness of values and mission.  They are also something people love, remember, and recommend.  In silicon valley speak, this is nothing more than product/market fit and net promotor. Craft something people love, remember and recommend.

Product and brand are hardest things to do well, but also are the most valuable.

The Author

Early stage investor at Index Ventures

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