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Always compete with quality

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Products and services typically either compete by offering lower price or higher quality.  Compete with quality.  Lower price offerings are often easier replicated, squeeze margins, and generally cause a race to the bottom.  Quality is harder to create but companies that lead with quality, especially proprietary quality, are more defensible as a result.  Over time their customers tend to love them more, too.

5 sunny sunday ideas

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The informal economy or grey market is $10 Trillion.  Full article in Foreign Policy Luck is a skill that can be learned.  Full article in The Guardian. We know quite a bit on why people give money.  Full article in NYTimes There are a lot of myths about brainstorming and creativity. Full article in The New Yorker There are universal, cross-cultural human behaviors. Quick link, and full book

Vintages – why now?

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A recent article in the Harvard Business Review had a thoughtful observation and why certain start-ups are wildly successful.  If you take a longview on the past 20-30 years you see certain ‘vintages’ of categories representing cohorts of world-beating outliers of companies.  If you happen launch a computer company in 1983-1986, a internet company in 1995-998, a social network in 2003-2006 , an app in in 2006-2007, you had a disproportionate chance of becoming a giant.  The thesis […]