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A metaphor matters

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The great products have metaphors.  These metaphors act like a spine, which frame and guide the user through critical flows, and potently make these products easy to understand, explain and remember: Apple created your ‘desktop’ on your computer screen, where you can move items into a ‘trash-can’ and ‘folders’ Pinterest has ‘boards’ you create, applying  ‘pins’ to them by the action of ‘pinning.’ Twitter has ‘steams,’ with a ‘tweets’ flowing down them; you can also […]

Proprietary product

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Product Development

The Internet has fast become the world’s largest, most competitive and efficient marketplace.  As a consumer, it is blissfully efficient at surfing the right product at the best price.  Yet for a company, this means it is deadly fast at surfacing competition and the switching cost of your customer moving elsewhere if often close to zero. In this network efficiency, the companies that will enjoy the most advantage are the ones that develop or aggregate […]

Always compete with quality

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Picked up from the web / Ways of doing business

Products and services typically either compete by offering lower price or higher quality.  Compete with quality.  Lower price offerings are often easier replicated, squeeze margins, and generally cause a race to the bottom.  Quality is harder to create but companies that lead with quality, especially proprietary quality, are more defensible as a result.  Over time their customers tend to love them more, too.

5 sunny sunday ideas

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The informal economy or grey market is $10 Trillion.  Full article in Foreign Policy Luck is a skill that can be learned.  Full article in The Guardian. We know quite a bit on why people give money.  Full article in NYTimes There are a lot of myths about brainstorming and creativity. Full article in The New Yorker There are universal, cross-cultural human behaviors. Quick link, and full book