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Always compete with quality

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Products and services typically either compete by offering lower price or higher quality.  Compete with quality.  Lower price offerings are often easier replicated, squeeze margins, and generally cause a race to the bottom.  Quality is harder to create but companies that lead with quality, especially proprietary quality, are more defensible as a result.  Over time their customers tend to love them more, too.

Nike’s new ad – everything great about web advertising

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I’ve watched this “Write history” maybe five times over the past few week, and its been pinged to me from several friends.  Can’t think of a better sports viral campaign since Nike’s “Touch of gold”, which incidentally was the first video every to reach 1m views on YouTube (the orginial upload no longer exists). This “Write history” video and campaign is awesome. Its everything that is right about web advertising: extended and engaging narrative, re-enforcement […]