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Hi there, thanks for visiting.  Based in San Francisco, I’m an Angel Investor and Co-founder of Otherwise.

Otherwise is a new type of investment platform – a distributed network of founders, investing in founders.  We back founders both early and late-stage.  As an organization, we keep a low profile and do our best to keep it that way.

Before Otherwise, I co-created Index Venture’s Seed Fund, and then incubated a new Angel Fund (stealth) while at Index, as it’s General Partner and Co-founder.

I love investing and have a passion for helping founders.  My favorite themes are Productivity + HR + Future-of-Work as well as Marketplaces That-Do-Good, but will invest in any theme.

My portfolio companies include,

Before investing, I was at Google and YouTube in product marketing and development roles across the US and Europe.  I spent most of my time launching new products.

I have a BA and MS in Philosophy (Colgate, London School of Economics) as well as an MS in Management (Stanford).

Happily married and a father times two, I love food, and the quote, “An idea that is not dangerous is hardly an idea at all” – Oscar Wilde

If you’d like to connect, please reach out and say “hi,”