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Platforms of Purpose

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One of the most interesting trends in Silicon Valley is not a technology but what is happening in startup culture. There is a new breed of startup being born, one uniquely driven driven by purpose and mission. Organizations driven by mission – NGO’s, 2.0 Silicon Valley startups, even corporations with a mission statement – are not new. Yet these startups are new.  They have unique characteristics.   Originating from the values and methods of the […]

Vintages – why now?

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A recent article in the Harvard Business Review had a thoughtful observation and why certain start-ups are wildly successful.  If you take a longview on the past 20-30 years you see certain ‘vintages’ of categories representing cohorts of world-beating outliers of companies.  If you happen launch a computer company in 1983-1986, a internet company in 1995-998, a social network in 2003-2006 , an app in in 2006-2007, you had a disproportionate chance of becoming a giant.  The thesis […]

Micro-finance: three amazing facts

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It may not be as in vogue as it was a few years ago, however I still find Micro-finance fascinating.  For those versed in the subject, this will not come as a surprise.  For those new to micro-finance: Average repayment rates typically exceed 98%.  Meaning the vast majority of loans are repaid.  This is achieved often by leading to a group of people or to women – often to both. Interest rates on those loans typically […]